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TIME Civic Center Auditorium
Thursday, 10:00 AM
Palo Duro HS Non-Varsity Orchestra
L. Shupp, Director
Amarillo ISD - Palo Duro High School
Thursday, 10:20 AM
Bowie MS Chamber Orchestra
F. SaldaƱa, Director
Amarillo ISD - Bowie Middle School
Thursday, 10:40 AM
Palo Duro HS Varsity Orchestra
L. Shupp, Director
Amarillo ISD - Palo Duro High School
Thursday, 11:00 AM
Caprock Longhorn Strings
D. Ahedo, Director
Amarillo ISD - Caprock High School
Thursday, 11:20 AM
Palo Duro HS Full Orchestra
L. Shupp, Director
Amarillo ISD - Palo Duro High School
Thursday, 11:40 AM
Abernathy Middle School
T. Burrell, Director
Abernathy Middle School
Thursday, 01:00 PM
Highland Park 7th Grade Band
J. Capes, Director
Highland Park ISD
Thursday, 01:20 PM
Lubbock Christian Junior High Band
C. Parrish, Director
Lubbock Christian School
Thursday, 01:40 PM
Sam Houston Varsity
B. Gomez, Director
Amarillo ISD - Houston Middle School
Thursday, 02:00 PM
Mann Middle School Varsity Orchestra
E. Lim, Director
Amarillo ISD - Mann Middle School
Thursday, 02:20 PM
Canadian High School Band
J. Webber, Director
Canadian High School
Thursday, 02:40 PM
The Pride of Panhandle High School Band
N. Stephenson, Director
Panhandle High School
Thursday, 03:20 PM
Crockett Honors Band
B. Blackwell, Director
Amarillo ISD - Crockett Middle School
Thursday, 03:40 PM
Coronado MS Honors Band
M. Franklin, Director
Coronado Middle School
Thursday, 04:00 PM
Smyer Junior High
J. Barnard, Director
Smyer Elementary School
Thursday, 04:20 PM
Shamrock 7th grade
G. Garrison, Director
Shamrock High School
Thursday, 04:40 PM
Tascosa High School Symphonic Band
J. Nuckols, Director
Amarillo ISD - Tascosa High School
Thursday, 05:00 PM
AC Suzuki Orchestra
D. Hinds, Director
Amarillo College Suzuki Orchestra
Thursday, 05:20 PM
Wheeler High School Band
J. Bratton, Director
Wheeler High School
Thursday, 05:40 PM
Tascosa Symphony Orchestra
H. Scarbrough, Director
Amarillo ISD - Tascosa High School
Friday, 08:00 AM
Southcrest Christian Middle School
R. Driscoll, Director
Southcrest Christian School
Friday, 08:20 AM
Clayton JH-HS Concert Band
W. Korte, Director
Clayton High School Concert Band
Friday, 08:40 AM
Kermit HS Band
M. Robinson, Director
Kermit High School Band
Friday, 09:00 AM
Fannin Philharmonic Orchestra
S. Littlejohn , Director
Amarillo ISD - Fannin Middle School
Friday, 09:20 AM
Travis Middle School Symphonic Band
E. Perez, Director
Amarillo ISD - Travis Middle School
Friday, 09:40 AM
Taft Symphonic Band
L. Taylor, Director
Taft Middle School
Friday, 10:00 AM
Bonham Symphonic Band
M. Ellis, Director
Amarillo ISD - Bonham Middle School
Friday, 10:20 AM
Wilson & Young Middle School Symphonic Band
W. Rutledge, Director
Wilson & Young Middle School Symphonic Band
Friday, 10:40 AM
Shallowater Symphonic
. Summersgill, Director
Shallowater Middle School
Friday, 11:00 AM
Littlefield JH Maroon Honors Band
G. Muela, Director
Littlfield JH
Friday, 11:20 AM
San Jacinto Advanced Band
C. Hamilton, Director
San Jacinto Junior High
Friday, 11:40 AM
Levelland Middle School Symphonic Band
G. Owens, Director
Levelland HS
Friday, 01:00 PM
Brownfield Middle School Varsity Band
A. Striggles-Lee, Director
Brownfield Middle School
Friday, 01:20 PM
Clovis Freshman Academy Concert Band
B. Boerio, Director
Clovis Municipal Schools, Clovis, NM
Friday, 01:40 PM
Cooper Symphonic Band
K. Roe, Director
Laura Bush Middle School
Friday, 02:00 PM
Laura Bush Symphonic Band
K. Roe, Director
Laura Bush Middle School
Friday, 02:20 PM
Lubbock Cooper Honor Band
K. Roe, Director
Laura Bush Middle School
Friday, 02:40 PM
Laura Bush Honor Band
K. Roe, Director
Laura Bush Middle School
Friday, 03:20 PM
Springlake-Earth 7th Grade Band
D. Rogers, Director
Springlake-Earth 7th Grade
Friday, 03:40 PM
Mann Middle School Band
T. Baker, Director
Amarillo ISD - Mann Middle School
Friday, 04:00 PM
Panhandle Junior High Band
J. Heck, Director
Panhandle Jr. High School
Friday, 04:20 PM
Estacado Honors Band
J. Hernandez, Director
Estacado Middle School
Friday, 04:40 PM
Bovina Colt Band
J. Anaya, Director
Bovina High School
Friday, 05:00 PM
Idalou MS Green Band
B. Gruben, Director
Idalou ISD
Friday, 05:20 PM
Vega High School Band
M. Criswell, Director
Vega ISD
Friday, 05:40 PM
River Road High School Band
D. Olson, Director
River Road ISD
Saturday, 08:00 AM

. , Director
Saturday, 08:20 AM

. , Director
Saturday, 08:40 AM

. , Director
Saturday, 09:00 AM

. , Director
Saturday, 09:20 AM

. , Director
Saturday, 09:40 AM

. , Director
Saturday, 10:00 AM
Nimitz MS Beginners
D. Dolkos, Director
Nimitz Middle School
Saturday, 10:20 AM
Pampa High School Band
J. Benton, Director
Pampa High School
Saturday, 10:40 AM
Madison Middle School Symphonic Band
C. Camacho, Director
Madison Middle School
Saturday, 11:00 AM
Honors Band
A. Gilreath, Director
Westover Park Junior High School
Saturday, 11:20 AM
Dumas Junior High School Honor Band
J. Carter, Director
Dumas JH
Saturday, 11:40 AM
Talkington Middle School Concert Orchestra
J. Allen, Director
Talkington School for Young Women Leaders MS
Saturday, 01:00 PM
Hereford Jr High Concert Band
C. Larsson, Director
Hereford HJH
Saturday, 01:20 PM
Dimmitt Middle School Band
I. Rodriguez, Director
Dimmitt ISD
Saturday, 01:40 PM
Greenwood High School Band
S. Rhynes, Director
Greenwood ISD
Saturday, 02:00 PM
Lamesa Honor Band
S. Carrion, Director
Lamesa Middle School
Saturday, 02:20 PM
Shamrock High School Band
G. Garrison, Director
Shamrock High School
Saturday, 02:40 PM

. , Director
Saturday, 03:20 PM

. , Director
Saturday, 03:40 PM

. , Director
Saturday, 04:00 PM

. , Director
Saturday, 04:20 PM

. , Director
Saturday, 04:40 PM

. , Director
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