Price: $18.00 per person

Ride Times: Thurs/Friday 4 pm - 9:30 pm All You Can Eat - 5 pm - 7 pm;  Saturday 1 pm - 8:00 pm All You Can Eat - 4 pm - 6 pm

This special is good on all rides except the TX Tornado Roller Coaster, new Drop of Fear, & Fantastic Journey Spook House. The Tornado & Drop of Fear take 2 tickets and Fantaz takes 1 ticket @ $1.50 each. 

We give 2 free adult sponsors for every 15 students you pay for. The adults can ride, eat, and play miniature golf free. The miniature golf is $5.00 each

We will need your reservation as soon as possible and a close count of students and sponsors by May 1, so we can order hot dogs. 

Buses should park in the lower northwest parking lot. Wonderland has fenced in our north parking lot just adjacent to the Himalaya ride to add a new roller coaster, Fiesta Swing, and Drop of Fear. 

If coming from the south on Hwy 287, buses should exit at NE 24th St; go left over the bridge, & turn right into Thompson Park.  When you reach Wonderland, curve northwest until you can park in the large parking lot below our NW entrance gate.

If coming from the north, exit Hastings and stay on access road until you can turn right just south of Wonderland on Roads Blvd.  Curve northwest until you can park in the large parking lot below our NW entrance gate.

The leader needs to bring the group to the Northwest Gate by the red & white roller coaster. Please keep adult sponsors at the end of the line so we will know how many to stamp free when the students are counted. You can bring a school check or send a Purchase Order before the event.  We also take MasterCard/Visa; be sure to check with your administration to be sure you can use a credit card. A PO# is probably a better option.

For reservations, we need school group name, # of students, # of sponsors & bus drivers, school address, phone and fax number of school; sponsor's name and home phone & cell phone number. (A cell phone number comes in handy if a student gets left behind). Please remember to let us know what day you are attending.

Have a great time in Amarillo.  We hope to hear from you soon. Danielle & Paula

Phone: 806-383-3344 or 800-383-4712
Fax: 806-383-8737